Artix von Krieger

Biographical information

Other names
Artix the Great, Artix the Pure, Holy Artix, Slayer of Evil
Captain of Paladins
Date of birth
April 20, 1325
Year ascended to the throne
July 24, 1340 - April 30, 1350 (Exile)
Date of death
May 21, 1950 (Age 25)
Realms ruled
Paladin Order
Blinding Light of Destiny

Physical description

Paladin, Farmer, German, Irish
6"5 (197cm)
Hair color
Light brown-blond
Eye color
Artix von Krieger is a legendary Paladin Warrior who became the youngest known Captain of the Paladins in history. During his rule, he built the most powerful Paladin army in existence, with over 100,000 of the world's most powerful Paladin. 

Early LifeEdit

Artix von Krieger was born on April 20, 1325 to two farmers; Wilhelm von Kreiger, and Aimil Jones. He was born in the rural outskirts of the small town Willow Creek. He has one older brother, Adhamh, and one younger sister, Kaley. His older brother was born on February 12, 1319, and died from a skin disease on March 14, 1332. This made Artix and Kaley's lives a lot more harder as they grew up. Wilhelm and Aimil became very abusive and strict to both Artix and Kaley after the death of Adhamh, and rarely showed parental love. When Artix was 8 years old, his parents sent him to the Paladin Order, the home base of the Paladins to study rather than do physical labour at the farm. 

Paladin OrderEdit

On May 24, 1333 Artix was sent to the Paladin Order to study. His parents thought he had no purpose in working on the farm as he was physically weak. His parents thought he would have been better to become a priest for the Paladins. However, the idea of making Artix a scholar did not work out that well. Artix was a very energetic and hasty kid who was extremely impatient. He was never in the mood to learn, and never bothered to learn. Artix was considered to be a deliquent among many priests.